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ZeroAvia has been researching the use of hydrogen in powering planes. They have successfully tested a prototype that can carry 19 passengers. The need to research and develop the right measures to power flights is necessary. To improve their operations, at ZeroAvia they have worked with several professional bodies that deal with different issues related to air travel. They need to have a hydrogen supply chain in the two airports before the planes start operating. 


First zero-emission commercial passenger

ZeroAvia plans to start zero-emissions commercial planes. The planes have been leading to air pollution over time. The introduction of zero-emission flights will play a significant role in reducing air pollution that has disturbed many governments in Europe. To address air pollution due to the release of gas emissions, the company decided to develop the latest technology that will rely on hydrogen-powered engines. Research at ZeroAvia shows that motor powered engines are very reliable. 


ZeroAvia Aviation Company

The UK and the Netherlands flights

ZeroAvia plans to start the first-ever commercial passenger planes between the Hague in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The flights will be the start of their efforts to improve the air travel industry. As far as ZeroAvia is concerned, the air industry has been facing different challenges due to air pollution issues. The introduction of the latest technology has been of great help in addressing different issues in the industry. 


Hydrogen supply chain development 

ZeroAvia plans to partner with other stakeholders and introduce a hydrogen supply chain in the different airports to make it possible for the flights to operate between the two cities. The move will play a significant role in addressing different issues that face people as they operate the airplanes. They aim at enhancing the customer experience. Their decision at ZeroAvia aviation company to start the passenger planes will be the beginning of their efforts to address the issue of air pollution due to the planes. Up to now, ZeroAvia company staff member´s efforts have been widely recognized.