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Transform your entire business into the digital age with Cloud Inventory. Get robust new inventory control and reporting to increase sales by 70%. Drop everything you know about supply chain management. It’s time to focus on what matters: that bottom line of yours.

DC Velocity just published new research from DSI showing how more than two-thirds of companies experience an increase in sales following the implementation of Cloud. The DSI Cloud suite of applications offers real-time integration with Salesforce and other Dynamics AX, NAV, and CRM modules.

Cloud Inventory provides real-time inventory and be able to react to changes without having to prepare an analysis. You’ll be able to identify price fluctuations as soon as they happen. And you’ll have the ability to track and monitor orders from suppliers that only work with specific carriers or shipping companies, so you can catch problems before they happen. You won’t be doing more work for yourself. You’ll have more time and more money for the things that matter, like growing your business’s bottom line and making it more straightforward for customers to find you.

The Data Systems International team has been working on Cloud Inventory for over a year. The ready-to-go application takes the hassle out of managing inventory and helps companies create real-time reports within their existing IT infrastructure. It also integrates seamlessly with your supply chain, enabling you to keep track of all your business information in one place.

It also gives you a complete view of inventory at all times, automatically collecting data from several sources and compiling it into one cloud-based dashboard. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to see how fast your inventory is moving, what’s selling better than other items, and react immediately to changes in demand. In summary, this is an easy way to get real-time data so that you can make the best business decisions. See this article to learn more.


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