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Every economy needs business and commerce to run and sustain itself. If you are thinking about investing in a venture that could create employment, you have to figure out how to make traction. Traction is the ripple effect that results from your moves and how they transform the economy. Direct Selling is a business model that can create massive traction and opportunities for many. QNET is one of the leading examples of companies that have mastered the art of Direct Selling.

Direct Selling Versus Regular Retail

Traditional retail business setups must have a middleman. The presence of a middleman increases the cost of purchase. The item goes to the wholesaler from the supplier and then to the retailer. When the item reaches the customer, they have to buy it at the maximum retail price. The Direct Selling market by companies eliminates parties in the middle, cutting down the process and simplifying it.

Marketing Options from the Company

QNET has three options for those willing to sell through them. The first level is Single-Level Marketing, where you create a customer base in a particular town. You can then sell your products to them. The second level is the Party Plan Marketing, where they encourage gatherings to spread the word about your product. Multi-Level Marketing is the third option that involves sponsoring people to market products instead of employing them.

Success in Direct Marketing

QNET has its roots in Asia, but it has spread to the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. They have a Dubai chamber of commerce registration and have been operating since 1998. They have a presence in 25 countries and thousands of products to sell.

You can become part of QNET’s success by joining their team and choosing products to sell. They have an app to simplify your sales and maximize returns. You will not regret becoming a member. Visit this page to learn more.


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