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The team at Cloud Inventory is making a big difference for today’s companies that are looking to manage their inventory resources more systematically and effectively. Three of the key product areas that Cloud inventory focuses on include Field Inventory Management, Warehouse Inventory, and Manufacturing Materials. With this said, it is worth taking a further look at each of the see products from the team at Cloud Inventory.

Effective field inventory management is important for today’s businesses that deal with inventories that are spread out in the field in areas such as laydown yards, and inventory lockers, among other locations. The ability for these companies to accurately track the usage of inventory materials during a major project is key to their ability to effectively manage said inventory.

Manufacturing Materials provides innovative technologies that allow them to track the location of all inventory items that are currently in the field. Benefits of working with Cloud Inventory in this area also include the ability to more effectively maintain the chain of custody.

Cloud Inventory is also offering innovative products in the area of manufacturing materials. The company has recently launched a website that is specifically focused on this area of the business. This new website focuses on the way that the mobile-first applications offered by Cloud Inventory can help today’s manufacturing companies to achieve their goals and meet their needs in the area of inventory. The real-time data that this service offers to leadership teams, operators, and other employees have proven to be highly valuable.See this article to learn more.

Warehouse Inventory is another crucial area where Cloud Inventory is helping today’s business operations. The use of innovative apps is allowing businesses to enjoy better inventory visibility that makes it possible for managers and employees to track where everything is currently located or being moved to. This service is proving to be helpful to the bottom line of these companies.


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