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Steve Lesnard is the CMO and Global Vice President of Product Creation at The North Face. Steve is a visionary leader who has spent his career leading teams to create innovative and successful products. He has led The North Face to become the number one seller of outdoor clothing in the United States and expand its product offerings into categories as diverse as footwear, backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags. He is also responsible for overseeing The North Face’s global marketing efforts, including the brand’s social media platforms.

  1. Challenges Faced As A Leader

Steve Lesnard’s leadership style is best described as Visionary. Steve can see what needs to be done and do it by creating an environment where people can thrive and work together effectively. Steve is also an excellent listener, allowing him to discern what is essential and use that information quickly. He can bring this same vision to his team members and get them excited about their work. In a recent podcast interview, Steve mentions that he is a big believer in listening to his team and is always looking for ways to improve how he communicates with The North Face employees.

Steve Lesnard has done an excellent job creating a positive environment for his team members. His vision and his ability to listen have allowed him to get the buy-in of the people around him, which has allowed him to make decisions that are beneficial for The North Face. Steve believes strongly in making use of technology, which is very important in today’s world, as it allows people to communicate more easily with one another.

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