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Steph Korey is an ambitious entrepreneur and a philanthropist. She was born in a rich family, with both parents being her icon since a younger age. She has traveled to different places worldwide, which has provided her with the opportunity to learn about other people’s cultures. She becomes passionate about Middle Eastern and European culture, which has helped her view the world from a different perspective. Through commitment and hard work for her business, she has been recognized and listed top as one of the best businesswomen.


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Steph Korey is also well learned and has always taken her education seriously. She holds a bachelor’s degree of Arts in International Relations from the University of Brown. She has also worked in different industries like conflict resolution centers, which contributed to her knowledge in business. Steph Korey was also recruited at the Head of Supply Chain as a member. Through her ambitious moves and great skills, she leads the company to its success. She is loved for her critical thinking and good decision-making skills that helped her build the supply chain from nothing. Steph also attended Columbia Business School, where she learned the best way to be an entrepreneur.

Steph Korey has worked her way up through hard work, making her the best entrepreneur in the supply chain. She portrays good business management skills that many people admire. Steph is passionate about helping women be empowered by providing them with ideas and funds. She now partners with women from different industries who are looking forward to growing their careers. Through mentorship and providing financial resources, she has managed to grow her profession. She continues to change the lives of many people who are struggling to reach their dreams. Her company is now ranked top among the best businesses in the world.

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