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Roy Beck was among the country’s first environmental-beat journalists in the 1960s as he had graduated from the University of Missouri of Journalism. During the three decades, he was an active journalist and received over 24 awards for his utter competence in reporting about religion, environment, and business. Beck is the Founder and the current CEO of NumbersUSA, a grassroots organization with a rich network of over 9 million US citizens online.

In 1991, Roy Beck became an analyst of the US population and immigration issues. During that time, he wrote four books concerned with ethics, the US labor market, immigration, and the environment. Besides the four books, Beck has also been involved in co-authoring many studies of Sprawl. He has also been published in many magazines, newspapers, and academic journals.

In 1996, Roy Beck founded NumbersUSA, and the fundamental purpose of the organization was to carry out immigration recommendations of two countrywide commissions. One of the commissions was presidential, while the other was a bipartisan congressional commission. In the 1990s, “Atlantic Monthly,” one of Roy Beck’s articles about problems faced by too much immigration in one city, was chosen by Britannica Encyclopedia to be included in the Annals of America, as it was deemed as the most outstanding writings of that time.

Beck has emerged in scores of radio presentations, TV shows, university presentations, congressional hearings, and speaker’s forums, among others, as an immigration expert. In 1972, he was awarded the US Army Commendation Medal for the non-combat service. He has a list of notable records of volunteer leadership in many different cities, including the Multiple Sclerosis Society in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and clothing closets for kids in Dallas, Texas. In addition, he has been on the frontline in leading the rehabilitation of homes for the elderly and annual week-long trips for teenagers since 1990. Refer to this article to learn more.


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