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Businessman Ron Gutman is an inventor, an investor, a serial technology and healthcare entrepreneur, a co-founder of the world’s first digital newspaper, and a founder of Vixx. He has been called “one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in U.S. history.”


Healthcare expert Ron Gutman recently turned his attention to his passion for writing and led an effort to rebuild New York City’s crumbling infrastructure. This, with a radical vision to transform open space into new living and business environments while addressing sustainability challenges. Gutman’s book “Rebuild the Infrastructure – How to Solve Our Urban Crisis” was released in September 2010. 


He is also the author of “The Lost American Dream.” Ron Gutman has appeared on hundreds of radio and television broadcasts and at numerous lectures. These, including a TEDx talk, received recognition as one of America’s top 50 entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine, and was named one of the ten most influential men in New York City by The Villager. He currently serves on various boards, including those related to infrastructure, technology, disaster recovery, and education.


Ron Gutman has been called “one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in U.S. history”. He was named by the San Francisco Chronicle after rattling off a string of successful companies from his list of accomplishments. He was born in New York City and raised in suburban Bergen County, New Jersey. 


He received his undergraduate degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated “magna cum laude” and was also inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. Ron Gutman went on to get his master’s degree in journalism at Columbia University. While there, he won a prestigious award for business reporting. He also studied law at Hofstra University Law School and graduated with distinction.