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Robert Kraft is a businessman who ventures mostly in Sports. He was raised in Brookline, Massachusetts, and attended Edward Devotion High school. He successfully joined Harvard Business School after completing errands at Columbia University. His life was transformed after school since he became a renowned entrepreneur globally.

His love for sports was recognized during his university schooling when he joined the School team to play football. He grew up as a Patriot fan and was updated with every news regarding the team, and he was also the ticket holder for their events. Besides dedicating himself to a business empire, Robert Kraft is also a beloved family man married to Myra Kraft. The wife is also a well-educated breed originating from a wealthy family known as the Philanthropic family. Her father was called Jacob Hiatt and owned the Rand-Whitney Group organization, which was the breakthrough for Robert Kraft since he began his career there.

Robert Kraft transitioned to being the company’s CEO and enabled the company to become one of the best in the world. He amalgamated with another company called the International Forest Products and sprouted to be the largest privately performing company. He founded the International Forest Products in 1972 before stepping to execute the amalgamation. He articulated his business skills in helping other businesses to hold the CBS affiliate called the WNEV-TV. This enabled him to scale rapidly in the industry and also accelerated the success of his investments in Sports entertainment. He is also the species of a private equity group dealing with media attires.

Robert Kraft founded the Kraft Group, which is considered a family business. This is a continuation of their philanthropic heredity. He has led the company to success since he established it and energetically worked for hand in hand to bring out a successful establishment. His family has been recognized as the leading stakeholders in offering charitable services to the community. Refer to this article to learn more.


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