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Andrew Frame’s innovation at Citizen has the potential to transform the 911 system by helping us save lives. With Citizen, the app connects your emergency contacts to emergency services using GPS. Anybody can be added to your emergency contacts list. When you open the app and have 911 as your emergency contact, people close to you will be notified when you call 911.

Frame has raised more than $400M in venture capital and has more than $100M in employee equity. In 2015, Andrew Frame was named one of the “Best Newcomers to Tech” by Silicon Review. At 18 years old, Frame moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend college and work at Cisco.

In 1997, he was selected as a GCOE intern, working on a project for Todd Sowers, then Chief Technologist for Cisco. Sowers, in turn, recruited Frame to help build and deploy the Cisco NetFlow Developer System (NDDS), which included the first network routing protocol.

While at Cisco, he helped implement Cisco’s Nexus 8000 router family. In 2000, Frame was one of the youngest people to receive Cisco’s first graduate degree, a Master of Science in Software Engineering.

Andrew Frame: I’ve had the opportunity to speak to thousands of students, entrepreneurs and business leaders. I found that their minds are extremely receptive to innovation. Innovation creates a kind of open-source culture in which new ideas can proliferate. I got deeply touched by the stories of those who lost their lives or are facing tragedy because of the way 911 calls were handled. The fact that you have to dial 911 to ask for help is so infuriating.

My journey started about 5 years ago when I set out to find an alternative to the current way the 911 system worked, so we could create the product that was truly cutting edge. With over 40 million 911 calls made every year, there is no doubt that a better system was needed. Go to this page for additional information.

Andrew Frame: I’ve always believed that technology is crucial to building and improving our societies. Andrew Frame’s vision and drive to revolutionize the 911 system and make it accessible to everyone, whether you’re a new parent, an elderly person or a survivor of a shooting, is both extremely commendable and the right thing to do.


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