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QNET is a company that specializes in direct selling, which is a business model where non-salaried salespeople sell products. Successful direct sellers earn money from their sales, not commissions on their products. Direct selling is a form of marketing, and QNET can contribute a lot to the economy by sponsoring distributors and helping them succeed.

A direct seller will have different ways to earn money, including the residual income concept. The residual income concept is when an individual’s product earnings increase over time. The more distributors there are with strong sales at a given time, the higher the income level becomes. QNET sponsors distributors, responsible for maintaining relationships with the public and buying their products. Sponsoring distributors helps maintain the product’s retail price by keeping up with demand.

The sponsoring distributors are, in return, paid a commission by the company for their sales. This commission is paid after the distributor receives his sales profit. A direct seller can also earn income by sharing his expertise with distributors and recruiting new employees.

Direct Selling has been a successful business model for the past twenty years, and no sign of slowing down is visible anywhere. Companies that follow this model make billions yearly in the United States alone. It is beginning to spread rapidly in Eastern Europe and Asia, as well as other developing countries. There is a direct correlation between the success of a country’s economy and its involvement with direct selling. The economy grows thanks to direct selling’s contribution.

QNET can support many families by allowing direct sellers to earn a living. A large portion of the population is poor, and the company can help such people by offering them an opportunity to help themselves through direct selling. The company can also contribute a lot to the economy by sponsoring distributors and offering them a source of income. Many industries depend on the direct selling industry for their success, and the company can help make the economy better. Go to this page for more information.


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