Sarah Warren Band

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People of color are the most disadvantaged since Hurricane Katrina’s devastation at New Orleans. There was destruction of property, leaving people jobless and homeless. Both federal and state governments rolled out 16 programs to help them get back to their feet. However, such programs couldn’t reach the low-to-moderate income earners. They still lived in poverty, lacking essential items like electricity. Unfortunately, most of this population was people of color (Bizneworleans). 


Therefore, when co-founders created PosiGen, the main aim was to uplift this community by providing cheap and reliable solar power. PosiGen supplies solar power to its clients either through lease or purchase. The lease option is cheaper since a client won’t have to have all the cash to buy the necessary items. Also, the solar company offers free installation and maintenance. The alternative option at PosiGen is a purchase. Here, a client would pay all the cash required to install the solar power. They are guaranteed discounts and still enjoy free installation and maintenance costs. Such an initiative has made PosiGen empower the communities it serves. Rather than collecting money from them to make a profit, they save to finance their other needs. 


PosiGen has a mission and vision of empowering low-to-moderate income earners. Also, it aims to enable people of color. Therefore, when providing cheap and reliable solar power, it keeps these in mind. Besides helping families save money, they offer them job opportunities. 

Employees working at the company come from different backgrounds. People of color make up a larger share of the population. On the other hand, the solar power company strives to empower women. As a result, more than 65% of its employees are women or people of color. Solar power alone is not sufficient to empower people of color. PosiGen has gone the extra mile to support their growth by promoting savings to build their economy. The need to provide safe and reliable solar power drives their mission to make a difference in the environment. With electricity, they can invest in technology and create a significant impact on their lives. It not only promotes innovation but also creates a clean and conducive environment to live a healthier life. Strong leadership has ensured that the company upholds its key objectives.