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PosiGen is an energy company that focuses on providing great service to all of its customers. In particular, PosiGen is focused on giving great energy support to low to moderate-income areas. The way that the company does this is multi-faceted but it includes affordable solar power. Just about everyone needs energy from PosiGen in order to live their modern lives normally. However, this company focuses on making solar energy more affordable by using a solar leasing program. 


Those who qualify for this program could get a lease to buy option, which will reduce their utility bills and help make for a more sustainable future. PosiGen solar power company has four official goals, including positively impacting the families they work with. In addition, they are helping communities that contain their customers get more jobs, including with solar power companies, supporting growth within these communities, and helping to make for a greener future. Generally, the company wants to make sure that they make a difference when it comes to the environment both on a local level and on a larger level. 

The company’s founders started by looking at the disparity when it came to people of different classes represented during the rebuild period after Hurricane Katrina, they decided to help make a difference by providing programs focused on helping home residents even if they weren’t as wealthy. At PosiGen, they noticed that only the wealthy residents around Katrina tended to get access to rebuild programs. As a result, the company wanted to make a difference there. Make sure you do your homework when researching financial options for solar options and consider working with PosiGen.