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Marwan Kheireddine is an environmental expert who has been with the United Nations for over ten years. He has accomplished a lot for environmental issues, and now he shares his story about what it was like working with these organizations. He was born in Tunisia but lived in England and Saudi Arabia before moving to the United States. He learned English while there, and then he earned his bachelor’s degree in political science at the University of Maryland. He earned his master’s degree in international affairs at Georgetown University before getting a doctor of law (LL.M.) degree at American University. He passed five different licensing exams during his time as a lawyer. He has also worked as editor-in-chief of “Health International” magazine, published by The World Health Organization (WHO) — the largest and most well-known UN agency — for almost seven years.

His Achievements

Marwan started his career at the United Nations in 1995. He worked as an advisor and legal counsel for the WHO until 2001. He was also the director of Public Health Law and Ethics in the Office of Legal Affairs. During this time, he worked on environmental issues because he became interested in environmental protection during his time as a lawyer in Saudi Arabia. In 2001, he became a director for the department that oversees health law & ethics for more than 20 UN agencies and offices, including WHO, ILO, UNEP, OHCHR, etc… He has also helped develop training for public health professionals worldwide. Marwan is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, a program for corporations and individuals determined to contribute to sustainability.

Marwan was responsible for training on Public Health laws & Ethics for over 200 people from 38 countries worldwide. He also coordinated WHO’s preventive medicine training in 173 countries and 44 languages and developed global support for WHO’s reference manual on public health law & ethics. He oversaw all of the activities related to Public Health Law & Ethics in all WHO’s agencies in Geneva and Vienna.

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