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Mark Hauser’s Advice for Stock Market Investors

As per Mark Hauser, the stock market is the ultimate test of a person’s investing mettle. If you can handle the stress and ups and downs of investing in stocks, this is a significant way to grow your money over the long term. However, that isn’t easy for everyone. The stock market is not for everyone, as many people will panic when they see their portfolio fall 25% in a single day. However, there are some ways to keep your cool and avoid making impulsive decisions regarding investing in stocks. If you’re new to buying stocks as a way to grow your money and meet your long-term financial goals, you might be feeling pretty anxious about jumping into the stock market right now. It can be alluring to play it safe by investing in bonds or other less volatile investments during moments like these. However, stocks might be worth exploring further if you want to build wealth over time.

The tips for stock marketing investing include:

Stay informed

As per Mark Hauser, While it’s good to be excited about investing in stocks, it’s also important to be informed. When you’re notified, you tend to make smarter decisions. You can learn more about the companies you buy stocks in, what makes them successful, their leadership team, and any significant challenges or opportunities they are facing. All of this is valuable information if you ever have to decide whether to sell or hold a stock.

Don’t invest with emotion.


The stock market can be an emotional roller coaster. When you’re investing with emotion, you’re letting your feelings of fear and greed (and sometimes anger) drive your decisions. Buy and hold is a strategy where you decide how much you want to invest in stocks and then buy a certain amount of stocks each month, regardless of how the market is doing.

Don’t try to time the market.

The majority of traders fail. It isn’t straightforward to call the market by timing your buys and sells. However, many people try to time the market based on what’s going on in the news or what they think will happen in the future.

Have a game plan

Your game plan should include;

your risk tolerance

your goals

your financial situation

how much money do you want to invest in the stock market

how much risk do you want to take

how you are going to manage your portfolio

how often do you plan on checking in on your portfolio?

Mark Hauser believes when the market is on a roller coaster ride, it’s easy to panic and make impulsive decisions. Having a game plan will aid you in staying level-headed and making decisions that are best for your long-term goals.