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Kristin Ihle is a businesswoman who helps other women who are entrepreneurs dream big and realize their potential in the future.

Kristin Ihle Studies Human Performance:

Kristin Ihle has studied for the past 30 years how someone can elevate human performance to succeed to a greater extent in the world of business. From being an all-college athlete as a runner to a human performance specialist, Ihle is interested in everything that drives human performance and makes the human want to perform better. Ihle was a Top 10 American runner as well as accomplishing many other feats throughout her athletic career, including the two (2) appearances that she made at the Olympics in Atlanta and Sacramento.

In her professional career, Ihle studied multicultural psychology to understand human performance and how the brain works. She has supported countless entrepreneurs chase their dreams of business success. Ihle gives speeches and discusses with business professionals how they can up their game in their business to make themselves as profitable as possible in their business endeavors.

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Kristin Ihle Goes Into Public Speaking:

Ihle is now a public speaker that speaks at business conferences and lectures around the world. Ihle has invested in some Fortune 500 businesses and been one of the most successful individuals to study human performance in recent years. Ihle knows what it takes to succeed and is sharing the secrets of human performance with others so that they can succeed as well. Developing Employees as Leaders (DEAL)is Ihle’s own course that she sells to individuals, which is her inclusive all-in-one pass on how to improve your human performance to help you achieve your goals both in your personal and in your professional life. Whether you are a business owner or going into management, you can learn something from the success Ihle has and how she got there.