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Joseph Ashford Ellis has worked hard and achieved his personal successes by seizing opportunities, an approach that has paid off for him and his family. Joseph was born and raised in East London, and started his first business in 1984 selling locally produced T-shirts. Joseph Ashford Ellis also has a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Essex.

Joseph Ashford Ellis founded K4 global after his work with charities like the Butterfly Foundation. He has built a portfolio of talented and like-minded team members who share his passion for social good and helping others. Joseph said, “My best advice for business owners is to dream big and to enjoy the journey. You need to continue to take the risks, which will in turn bring the rewards.”

Joseph’s personal life and passions have supported him in his business success and life pursuit of giving back to society. K4 Global was named as a Top Employer 2017 in the United Kingdom. While Joseph Ashford Ellis and K4 Global’s portfolio of services includes large corporations like Paramount Pictures, he does not limit his work to the finance or stock markets. The Managing Director of K4 Global, Alexandra Zehilenko, says of Joseph Ashford, “This entrepreneurial spirit also defines Joseph and his drive which provides opportunities for the people they work with.”


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Joseph Ashford Ellis firm, Butterfly Foundation provides opportunities for children with EB, who often have a complex medical condition. The London company values are based on four pillars: constant growth, working hard, integrity, and dedication.

The Butterfly Foundation is a company with open offices, open doors and open communication. Employees are encouraged to share ideas and successes, knowing that the company is always looking to improve its operations and better serve its clients. The Butterfly Foundation and the Butterfly Foundation employees support the company’s values by contributing their time and effort to their community and giving back to the UK.

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