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A retired executive from Natixis John Hailer was appointed as president of the 1251 Asset Management Division in 2017. He worked at Natixis John Hailer Global Associates and helped them develop their global portfolio. He wanted the company to be the world’s top management asset firm. He worked with a team to help clients and banks learn to embrace technology and made changes to help them make good financial choices. He retired from the company in April 2017.

When he worked at Natixis Global Associates, he built an international distribution platform and a global network. John Hailer made Nexus one of the top asset management companies in the United States. He joined 1215 Capital Group in 2017 as the president of its asset management division. The Boston based financial company worked in insurance and asset management.

In 2018 he served on the 1251 Capital Group board of directors panels for compensation, audits, and conflicts. Capital 125l owns several companies and he was responsible for expanding their fixed income business worldwide and developing new business products for investors.

John received a BA from Beloit College in history and government. Because he realized that many businesses in the financial sector fail without support, he became involved in increasing the amount of corporate money for philanthropy in companies. In the past he has established relationships with several nonprofit in Boston and donated to them yearly though a corporate program.

Some of the organizations were the Boston Medical Center, United Way, and Strong Women Strong Girls. He created the Adopt a School Program in partnership program with the city of Boston while at Natixis. They provided The John Winthrop Elementary School with major technology upgrades, and holiday gift drives. The Boston Business Journal named John Hailer as the most admired CEO in Boston in 2014. He has received many awards for his work over the years.