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Jason Hughes happens to be the Chairman, CEO and owner of Hughes Marino which is a dynamic firm based in San Diego, California. They are experts at representing tenants involving a wide range of issues. The type of clients that are represented by the company include Corporate entities, Non-Profit Groups as well as Municipal clients. A comprehensive range of services is provided by successful entrepreneur Jason Hughes alongside his team such as construction management and lease restructuring to name a couple. 


Under the leadership of Jason Hughes, Hughes Marino has become a leader in providing tenant services such as sophisticated negotiating skills for property acquisition. They have grown over the years to become the largest tenant and buyer representation company in San Diego. The influence of Hughes Marino via Jason Hughes and his wife Shay has spread throughout California and other Western states. They have opened numerous branches in the aforementioned areas as well as Colorado and New York. The transactions that Hughes Marino have completed over the years numbers in the millions of square feet. 


This gives one an idea of the scale of properties that this talented firm is involved with on a regular basis. Large office buildings, hotels and condominiums are just a few examples of the potential size of transactions that they’re expertise is capable of successfully executing at the tenant representation firm. Finally, the numerous services provided by Jason Hughes with his company is what sets them apart from your average company. Program management, project management and construction management are just a few examples of the types of skills that they bring to the table.