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Cryptocurrency has grown in popularity as the next major global phenomenon in recent years, but there’s still a lot to learn about this emerging technology. Not only Bitcoin, but practically all cryptocurrencies saw their prices plummet following a statement on the Chinese Banking Association website that warned financial institutions against utilizing digital currencies because of their volatility. According to Jason Hope, cryptocurrency’s promise for ecommerce digital currencies are more important than ever in the booming eCommerce business. 


Both businesses and customers prefer to pay using crypto coins rather than credit cards, owing to decreased online transaction fees for eCommerce sites. Jason Hope adds that online transactions are safe. Jason Hope a leading futurology expert, says that businesses will soon demand a more secure online transaction system, particularly to gain their customers’ trust.


Jason Hope on Cryptocurrency


Putting money into the future, Jason Hope is adamant about why and how cryptocurrencies will increase the number of investment alternatives available to entrepreneurs. He believes that traditional private capital fundraising methods are no longer viable because digital currency investments may provide a lot more for early-stage enterprises with significant growth potential. For Jason Hope, raising funding for early-stage startups has always been difficult, but these digital currencies are set to make it easier than ever. 

With the ICOs, startups may now quickly obtain funds from a large pool of global investors at a low cost. When a firm raises funds, the market reacts quickly, and that’s when share trading begins. On seeing the big picture, Jason Hope assumes what the rest of the world is seeing right now is cryptocurrency volatility. This is largely to blame for Bitcoin and its recent price decline. However, because Jason is always looking at the broader picture, he believes that bitcoin will transform future enterprises on a whole new level. Despite the price dip, large corporations such as Square and Twitter remain strong supporters of Bitcoin.