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Having had success in the waste management sector, Vik Bansal is the man fit for Australia’s manufacturing industry. According to Vik Bansal, for many years, Australia has had a strong and robust manufacturing industry. Despite the threat from Covid-19, Vik Bansal believes that the industry is yet to go back to its glory days. Perhaps, it is this kind of strong conviction that made the stakeholders name him InfraBuild CEO. According to Vik Bansal, labor shortage, scarcity of materials that many industries depend on, and the lack of money to buy the raw materials, have made many countries including Australia to think of independence.

Although he has been appointed to head a section of the manufacturing industry, Vik Bansal says that for many years, the Australian government neglected the manufacturing industry, one of the country’s major economic strongholds. Nonetheless, Vik has vowed that things will start to take shape soon. To show that for a long time manufacturing has been the backbone of Australia, Vik Bansal pulls statistics that date back to World War II and thereabout, a time when 1 in 3 Aussies worked in the manufacturing industry. Close to 70 years post World War II, only 1 out of 13 Aussies work in the manufacturing sector. That decline shows that either the government has not encouraged many industries to flourish or people have found other ‘fair’ means of earning a living. Whatever it is, Vik Bansal says that it is evident that there is a decline in the way the government and Aussies in general perceive manufacturing and more

A few months after taking office, Vik Bansal started what he called the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI). According to the CEO, MMI is to ensure that things will be done in a modern way, embracing the use of technology and the application of the latest and innovative ways of manufacturing things.