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Mathematical patterns may be used to uncover high-probability market ideas in the FX exchange market, for example, by using FX Harmonics and Harmonics Plus.


Different trading techniques may be compared using this interactive add-on approach. The Vibrata Strategy Add-on includes four more 2nd-tier add-on strategies:

London Forex trading is available from 3 a.m to 12 noon Eastern Time (ET), and this optional second-tier add-on shows you how to accomplish it (8:00 a.m. to Noon ET).

Reclassification Index Infusion Using this strategy as an add-on, students may learn to recognize market shifts. It’s a different approach in IM Academy.

Students may use this second-tier method to identify market turning moments.


The Bounceback Add-on Strategy may assist students in identifying market turning times.

IM Academy has developed an additional technique to assist students in locating crucial market-level zones.

In the Pivots Strategy Add-on, students learn how to identify and profit from market “pivot moments.” Second-level variations of this approach could include:

A second-tier add-on is Pivots Infinity (a strategic tool for detecting market turn points that may be purchased separately).

An excellent technique for students to grasp and comprehend institutional market notions by taking things slow and steady (the second layer is optional) (also available as an add-on).


With the aid of the Delorean Add-on Strategy, pupils can go back in time.

Libertarian X-Ray with High Frequency in the HFX Academy’s curriculum

This strategy helps you learn to identify market tipping moments.


Learn how to research and monitor attentively to locate significant entry points into a market with the Hourglass IM Academy Strategy.

It teaches students how to uncover profitable market ideas using harmonics in the foreign currency market.

The Swipecoin Scalper, a cryptocurrency mining software that is part of the DCX school, may be able to identify market reversals.

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