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IM Academy is an online school concerned with teaching about Foreign Exchange trading. Christopher Terry and Isis De La Tore founded the school in 2003, but then it was just a tiny start-up. The two were Forex experts and independent entrepreneurs, and they were determined to create a readily accessible platform for people to learn about Forex Trading skills. IM Academy has advanced over the years, becoming a large learning institution with around two hundred and twenty-five thousand active subscribers. The organization takes advantage of its online structure and uses saved expenses to hire top talent, enhancing business success.


Products offered by the organization are academies, which entail four different training programs. Clients can access the training programs through referral by IBO, or via the website, with the video modules having informational videos and goLive sessions for students to apply learned concepts. The learners with current subscriptions have online access to educators and can download learning content from the school’s four academies. The institution’s Academies include HFX Academy, FRX Academy, ECX Academy, and DCX Academy.


The organization mainly operates via its website, where even Independent Business Owners and customers can also find back office through a secure login. However, the IM Academy products have a different enrollment option to limit confusion. The organization charges two hundred and thirty-four U.S. dollars for the first subscription and another 174 U.S. dollars per month. However, the Elite Academy bundle package costs three hundred and twenty-four U.S. dollars for the first subscription and two hundred and seventy-four U.S dollars afterward. The organization exploits a multilevel marketing strategy with independent sales representatives working as IBOs.

Closing Remarks

The organization supports the IBOs through training, sales support, and social media. The founders have done a great job managing IM Academy over the years, and Christopher Terry is the Chief Executive Officer, whereas De La Tore is the Chief Financial Officer. See this page to learn more.


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