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Fortress Investment Group, a company founded in 1998, manages assets for private investors as well as institutional clients. With approximately 1,800 clients in New York and beyond, Fortress Investment Group handles $53.9 billion dollars in assets.

The investment group handles a wide variety of real estate, credit, permanent capital investment strategies, as well as private equity. As of October 2021, the investment group, located in New York, has announced the combining of Vannin Capital into the Fortress Legal assets business.

This move may help to strengthen the position of leadership for Fortress Investment Group in the finance market. A number of Vannin Capital workers will be leaving Vannin Capital to transfer to Fortress. The employee shift will have zero impact on the current investments of Vannin. Vannin, with no change, will also continue as the counterparty to various funding agreements.

This change took effect immediately. Fortress Investment Group is optimistic about the combination, believing it will help to strengthen the company’s position in the litigation and finance market.

The combination may help to bring counterparties a more robust and experienced assets team, as well as broadening sourcing abilities. Managing Director Jack Neumark believes the move is considered the next logical step for the investment group.

Neumark sees the combination as a win for managed funds and the Legal Assets business in the big picture. Fortress Investment Group will now receive the full benefits of having the employees of Vannin Capital’s professional expertise. Another benefit for the investment group will be the access to the relationships Vannin Capital has developed over the last ten years. Go Here for related Information.