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Colony Capital unloaded many real estate assets as a way of exiting the normal business to operate digitally. The assets portfolio now belongs to Fortress Investment Group. The company manages investments in alternative properties in credit funds, liquid hedge trusts, as well as in private equity.

Fortress Investment Group is based in New York, and it has a global impact and highly diversified since it applies specialized skills and exposure across varying approaches. The assets portfolio belongs to more than 1,500 investors as well private clients distributed globally.

Therefore, Colony Capital’s sale of the OED portfolio will accrue to $535 million worth of comprehensive proceeds to be invested digitally. After the deal is closed, a majority of the fund’s total assets being managed will be in the digital assets category.

Marc Ganzi is the CEO and President of Colony who believes that the company is freeing up more than 500 million dollars to assign into digital, it is also easing businesses, making them easier to comprehend and manage. Marc Ganzi also retaliates that Fortress Investment Group is a classic organization and is happy to work with them because the assets will be responsibly stewarded going forward.

Therefore, Colony will focus on establishing the best digital infrastructure in New York and beyond. The entire OED portfolio payment by Fortress Investment Group should be through within a year. At that time, the REIT is expected to have generated approximately $790 million based on the overall monetization. This will surpass the 2021 high-end expectations of the range of $400 to $600 million.

This deal will sort out the OED assets material ownership within the first transaction, and this will enable Fortress Investment Group to dwell more on value customization. This suits the existing business as well as vast exposure and skills in managing complex investments in a range of asset categories, industries, geographies, and structures.