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Damien Granderson is an entertainment lawyer who specializes in intellectual and property law. He has practiced law for over 14 years and has worked in the entertainment industry for over 11 years. In his work, he manages more than 100 active client relationships. This includes deals between talent agencies and networks, as well as managing live performances by his artists across the world.


Damien Granderson is based in Beverly Hills and New York. He is an active partner at Granderson Des Rochers LLP. In the past, he was a partner with Davis Shapiro Lewit Grabel Leven Granderson & Blake. Damien Granderson advises clients on various aspects of their careers, from business development and negotiations to copyright issues and contracts. 


He is available for the media and is often interviewed about his achievements by the media and for other entertainment-related articles. Damien’s clients include music artists, television stars, film directors and producers, athletes, politicians, and comedians. The lawyer Damien Granderson´s approach to super service involves being sensitive to the needs of each client and providing a tailored approach to the work. 


Damien is a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences. Media has interviewed him, including the “Huffington Post,” “The Hollywood Reporter,” and “Variety”. Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson is steadfast in the belief that strategic planning and proactive work are key to success. He keeps his clients current with their portfolios.

This enables him to ensure they have proper permissions and licenses to utilize their works. He also advises them on how to protect their intellectual property and copyrights. As a result, he is a widely respected lawyer across all areas of the entertainment industry. He provides excellent service and valuable advice on various issues related to the art industry. These include business development agreements, joint venture partnerships, endorsements, and product licensing arrangements.