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The Ombori Product Designer helps retailers make shopping a convenient experience for customers and shoppers can enjoy shopping for their favorite brands online before going to the store to buy them.

The Product Designer app helps customers specify the type of product they want and customize the product according to their needs. Customers can access the product online on the app even if the store does not stock it. The innovative app gives customers a unique and enjoyable shopping experience. The app also offers a Product Designer Terminal and customers can pay for the product through the terminal using their mobile phones or credit cards.

Shoppers can use the Ombori Product Designer App and avoid crowds in shops and malls during the holiday season. The app helps shoppers find what they want by browsing the inventory of the store online and easily access it in the store. Retailers can also promote products through the Product Designer app.

The Ombori Product Designer app is a convenient product designer app. Shoppers and retailers can easily install the app and configure it. Retailers can customize the app to increase business. Shoppers and retailers are billed only according to usage and this makes using the app economical. The technology used by the app, Microsoft Azure IoT is well known for its efficiency and the app can be easily used on mobile phones.

The benefits of using the Ombori Product Designer are that retailers can entice shoppers to visit their store through an attractive online product display. Their sales will increase because visiting customers have browsed the inventory before the visit and know the products in the store. Retailers can also customize gifts according to the needs of shoppers.

The Ombori Product Designer will make shopping during the holiday season enjoyable for shoppers and lucrative for retailers.