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Don Manifold is an expert who offers various advice services on matters to do with divestments, mergers, and acquisitions. He also prepares valuations and reports of independent experts. He has been offering the services for more than fifteen years. The industries he has covered include agriculture, information technology, finance, manufacturing, consumer goods, and retail.

On top of these industries, Don Manifold has also facilitated over forty mergers, capital raisings, divestments, and acquisitions. Their total value amount to over $2 billion. The valuations and reports he has prepared exceed $25 billion.

Besides Adelaide, he has also worked in many other cities across the globe, such as Sydney, London, and Melbourne. Don Manifold attained his MBA from the top-rated business school in Australia and the world, the Australian School of Management. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

To leverage his skills and reach more people, he founded Don Manifold Advisory Partners. The business works primarily with private organizations. They attend their board meetings and advise them accordingly. Regarding this, Don is a chairperson of several private organizations.

Until 2018, he was the Managing Partner of EY in South Australian and Northern Territory. He did a tremendous job while there. After that, he moved to Equity & Advisory, where he is the managing director.

He returned to Adelaide in 2006 after exploring the world and utilizing the opportunities he could get his hands on. He is a highly sought-after specialist in the areas discussed above. He is recognized globally, and once you get his services; you are sure about the best outcome.

The organizations he has partnered with have achieved great things. One of them is the divestment of S. Kidman & Co Ltd in 2016. The shareholders benefited from this. The most important thing to note is his vast experience in the field. It runs decades hence making him the most viable advisor.