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Specialized anesthesiologist and cardiologistDr. Alddo Molinar is a top-notch physician with 17 years of experience in anesthetic plans developments in Ohio Valley Medical Center and East Ohio Regional Hospital. He grew up in Texas, and his parents were foreigners from Mexico. However, Alddo Molinar experienced a terrible incident where his grandfather and grandmother lost their lives to cancer. It motivated him to pursue a medical course to assist suffering people. As a result, he joined the Southwestern University of Texas to pursue medicine.


After graduating with a medical degree, the outstanding career kept on when  Alddo Molinar attended medical and specialty training at the famous Cleveland Clinic. He also obtained training in intensive care functional and cardiac critical care. His extraordinary care and bond with the patients are outstanding. anesthesiologist and critical care medicine expert Dr. Alddo Molinar is organized. 


Critical Care Medicine Expert Alddo Molinar


He always wakes up early in the morning and always ensures to attend his first patient 45 minutes to 7 am since the first surgery always happens at 7 am. Later on, at around 10 am, the trained neurologist takes his coffee while reflecting on the day’s progress. Dr. Alddo always ensures that he collaborates with the team members to achieve the set goals. Dr. Alddo Molinar is also delighted by the increasing utilization of technology, including artificial intelligence, in the medical sector. 

He says that it will boost the patients’ efficiency in the future. Dr. Alddo has unconditional love for patients and advises them to take mental and physical care. He also encourages entrepreneurs to always read articles about successful people to obtain humility, motivating them to become better. Dr. Alddo Molinar also says that if you don’t have a competitive advantage, use the available technology to stay updated on current affairs. Adhering to all the advice will aid the medicine world to become a better place for all.