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The law offices of Dean Omar Branham Shirley is a legal system committed to making communities safer. The company has various legislators who are driven to help clients from various parts of the globe. Most importantly, its passion has been to help clients among other individuals through rules that protect their lives. Most notably, they have made a huge impact through the fight against asbestos.

The Dean Omar firm has remained on top of its ladder by holding companies accountable, especially those that fail to protect people’s lives. Though compensation is the least of the priorities for the company, its legal expertise has been hailed by many clients. The company, which boasts of experienced attorneys, continues to progress in the industry.

The company represented by Dean Omar and Braham LLP recently won a case against Napa. Thy represented Gerri Coogan, who reportedly died aged sixty-seven years. Dean Omar reported that the defendant’s death was a result of asbestos. Detailed reports showed the high usage of many products from Napa that were slated of containing asbestos. Among the top list of the products that contained asbestos included brakes and gaskets.

Napa had failed to acknowledge their wrongdoing; therefore, Dean Omar fought for justice for the fallen victims. Asbestos is a serious irritation that may cause long-term effects on breathing and lead to death. Therefore, the firm is committed to making people feel safe even as they work from various companies.