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David Black is a university of Michigan graduate. He began his career at StreetAccount, a leading financial marketing service. Later, he took up the managing directors position at Point 72 Asset Management, formerly SAC Capital. He held this position from 2006 to 2013 and worked closely with the company’s COO and president.
David starts his day by checking on the emails sent throughout the night, then heads out for quick exercise. Afterward, he settles down to handle the crucial tasks for that day before holding a five-minute meeting between external and internal team members. Black usually leaves the office at about 7 pm, but before doing so, he takes an inventory of the essential things to tackle the following day. Follow David Black on Instagram to see more of his posts.
David admits that one of the exciting trends is that people can work in different locations and still become productive. He acknowledges that time in the office is crucial for collaboration across different teams. However, working from home provides employees with an effective way to manage their personal lives, leading to better outcomes.
One of the habits that makes Black a great entrepreneur is that he takes time to connect with his team on a personal level. David agrees that one of the critical aspects that has helped grow his business is that he’s always aligned himself with people passionate about finance. Black acknowledges that whenever he’s faced difficulties in his career, he has turned to mentors for help.