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Juan Monteverde is an experienced lawyer practicing in New York. Juan can well be described as a super attorney who gives his clients quality service. Mr. Monteverde is the managing partner as the founder of Monteverde & Associates PC. This organization was established to provide services to entrepreneurs as well as consumers in the country. Shareholders get quality services from the legal firm after financial damages in case of a false advertisement or corporate fraud. Since the company’s inception, it has been successful in all its cases up to the supreme court.

Juan Monteverde is an advocate of shareholders’ rights. Since Juan began his work as a lawyer, he has been working for high-profile individuals to improve merger transactions and maximize shareholders’ value. Juan Monteverde does not only serve in courts, but he also represents his opinion when requested. He talks at various conferences talking on a variety of topics. Juan is also an author and has written several articles on executive compensation and mergers. Mr. Monteverde’s work has not gone unrecognized; in New York, he is known as the rising star in securities lawsuits, an honor the Super Lawyers gave him. After high school, Juan joined St. Thomas University School of Law, graduating cum laude.

Juan began his legal firm after gaining vast experience and skills serving in other legal companies and running his department in the last company he worked for. From the past experiences, Monteverde realized he had a strong foundation that gave him the reason and the courage to start his association. When the legal expert wakes up in the morning, the first thing is the wall street journal and a cup of coffee. After that, he sits down to ensure that he is planning for the future of his investment. When Juan gets in the office, he reads and edits briefs and spends most of the day in the courtrooms or taking testimony. Juan believes in not following the crowd but instead following his instincts and fighting for better results.

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