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Haroldo Jacobovicz’s extraordinary talent and the knowledge he acquired during his childhood have always been the main focus of his career. He has focused on understanding the entire scope of a problem. Since he was 15, he has developed his method to decipher letters. Haroldo Jacobovicz was planning to obtain a high school diploma in civil engineering, but he chose the specialization in computer engineering in partnership with his cousin. Despite his limited English, Haroldo received his degree in industrial engineering. However, his true passion was always information technology.

Early life in Curitiba, Brazil

After graduating from the Federal University of Paraná with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 1972, he started working in civil engineering projects for private companies in Paraná. During this time, he also attended the University of São Paulo’s course on telephone systems, where he graduated with a master’s degree in Computer Engineering in 1975.

In 1973, Haroldo Jacobovicz founded the e-Governe Group and started developing software in automation. After ten years, he developed the first suite of applications to assist with the management of telecom networks in partnership with Eletronorte and the Brazilian Electrical Network of Telephones (MCTEL).

A career in civil engineering

As a civil engineer, Haroldo Jacobovicz helped establish and build vital infrastructure in Brazil’s oil industry in the 1960s. He was responsible for creating the communication networks that connected all of the wells and caused the immense growth of the Brazilian oil industry in the following decades.

Haroldo Jacobovicz began working in 1974 as a project manager for Eletronorte (Eletrobras), where he developed the long-distance telecommunications networks that transformed Brazil and gave the country its first high-speed internet connections. The Curitiba investor also helped design and build one of the first private high-speed cable networks and coordinated the development of the Ministry of Energy’s internet infrastructure and more