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Simon Denyer is a journalist and author, currently serving as Beijing Bureau Chief for the Washington Post. Simon has been with the Washington Post since 2005, reporting from across East Asia including Japan, China, Nepal, Indonesia and Afghanistan. Simon was one of the only western journalists in Afghanistan during 2014’s Taliban takeover of Kunduz city.

Simon Denyer also reported on North Korea’s nuclear crisis before it erupted into open conflict this year. Simon graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Modern History before joining Reuters news agency where he covered Eastern Europe and Africa. Simon has appeared on CNN, DW TV, NHK World and Aljazeera. He also writes regularly for The Economist, Foreign Policy Magazine and The Guardian.

Simon’s new book, ‘The Closing of the Gates’, is available in paperback and eBook format. Simon Denyer has spoken at major conferences including Digital Life Design in Munich, Foreign Correspondents Club of China conference in Beijing, Foreign Correspondents’ clubs across Asia, The Foreign Press Association annual reception hosted by the British Prime Minister David Cameron, Book Expo America in New York, the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) conference in London.

Simon’s first book, ‘China’s Brave Fighter Pilot’ details how China shot down its first foreign aircraft over disputed waters 30 years ago. His latest book is ‘The Closing of the Gates’, a gripping narrative of what goes on behind the closed doors of China’s leadership as it deals with a slowing economy, a massive corruption crackdown and the growing threat from an unpredictable US president.

The book reveals how tensions between President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang have been managed within this top down dictatorship, giving readers unparalleled access inside the halls of power at a time when China is transforming itself into a more open and democratic nation. Simon Denyer has established himself as one of the most in-demand and respected China experts, providing opinion and insights on China for CNN, DW TV, NHK World, Aljazeera and many other media outlets.

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