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Applications have been developed over time by different developers but having an application that integrates technology to feature a security application. Andrew Frame is the brains behind the famous application that has saved people’s lives.

Andrew Frame is the mastermind behind the establishment of Citizen App, which is among the first app to link location data with 911 intelligence to make sure your loved ones’ security is top-notch. Andrew is also a renowned businessman and with vast experience as a software programmer. He set up his first firm at the age of fifteen, which focused s an internet service supplier.

The entrepreneur has always been interested in technology, starting in his teenage years. At the age of seventeen, Andrew got a position in the world-renowned networking company and has continued learning the different aspects of technology, which have been instrumental for him in developing the application.

After gaining dual certification from a famous networking company, Andrew Frame thought of the idea.

Along his journey, Andrew Frame was interested in creating a mission-oriented application that would serve the consumers’ needs. The idea of creating the application came into existence. It has come to be appreciated by the millions of users who have benefited from using the application. One thing that stands out in the tech guru is developing ideas is that he usually holds meetings with the various users to get a feel of what they undergo. The users sharing their views give him and other members of the team an opportunity to brainstorm on the different areas that need improvement.

Andrew Frame and his team are strategic and usually brainstorm an idea that see how it would fit into the application. While bringing his ideas to life he always had a passion for helping the community by giving them a platform that would address the security concerns without paying a dime. He draws most of his inspiration from reading business and technology books to continue expanding his knowledge.

Andrew Frame encourages employees to look for hobbies outside of e working environment. He encourages the employees to find something they are passionate about over time and build a hobby. One trend that continues to excite Andrew is mobile technology. He is excited about the different ways mobile phones are being utilized to address the different needs. Refer to this article to learn more.


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