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Following in Alex A Molinaroli’s egalitarian footsteps, Johnson Controls has helped to expand and nourish female leadership even after his pension. Reportedly, it pledged in January to double its global depiction of women leaders and allocate funds for women but instead minority-owned businesses. On Forbes’ list of Best Bosses for Diversity 2021.

Women-owned businesses often complain about the difficulty of networking. In 2021, only 41 women (8.1%) became CEOs on the yearly Fortune 500 list, a record-breaking low. Having the right professional network makes all the difference. “I am privileged to open a door,” he says. “I have contacts that can help entrepreneurs.” In Wisconsin, where Johnson Controls is headquartered, and other local societies and technology circles.

Molinaroli furthermore wants to empower women in the workplace. Women often feel undervalued or unheard in professional settings, so having someone guide them can help. “I help many people by phone,” Alex A Molinaroli says. “Some are jobless, and others are working under glass ceilings. I can help them cope with the unique challenges faced by women in business.”

For example, Business News Daily reports that women struggle to be treated seriously, are expected to downplay personal achievements, must find a healthy balancing act between work and personal life, and lack female executives within and outside a woman’s company.

“Developing young people and their positive can-do energy is also essential,” he says. “I can help them avoid or solve problems because I have years of experience that they do not. Throughout my professional life, I have unwittingly mentored many people. I believe it was part of my roles.”

Listening is sometimes enough to launch a new career. Alex A Molinaroli credits his father for teaching him to listen. “My father didn’t speak to be heard. The value of that approach was seen by many,”Alex A Molinaroli says. “He was very empathic and a good listener.”

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