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Early Life

Pamela Baer is a philanthropist and community leader based in San Francisco. Her healthcare-related projects are geared towards helping the vulnerable. Pam Baer, a Texas native, is a graduate of Texas University. But she relocated to New York City to start a career in financial services upon getting her marketing and finance degree.


The in-depth knowledge she acquired informed her first entrepreneurial feat – a direct marketing agency with B2B and B2C customers in finance, fashion, and many other sectors.

Personal Life

Pam Baer met her husband (Larry Baer) while in New York, and after they tied the knot, they relocated to San Francisco to start their family. Larry Baer was and is still the Chief Executive Officer of the San Francisco Giants. While in San Francisco, Baer continued to oversee her wealthy clients and began her journey of becoming a juggernaut within the region.


In 2002, she joined the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation board after being inspired by his sons’ lifesaving care after an accident. Baer served as a member of the board diligently till 2018, when she was recognized as the hospital’s first-lifetime director.

Pam Baer accomplished numerous things while working as a member of the hospital’s board. Her work for the foundation included the Hearts project that has amassed over $18 million. Hearts refers to an auction of heart-shaped statues, which are exhibited in San Francisco and also internationally.

In 2014, her kind heart and entrepreneurial spirit made her start For Goodness Sake. And over the years, this corporation has used its proceeds to champion education and healthcare.

Pamela Baer has associated herself with establishments, which reflect her goals of helping the vulnerable. She is a board member of Every Mother Counts, Giants Community Fund, and Nest. Nest is a society, which seeks to advance women’s well-being while maintaining traditions across the globe. Pam Baer has been entrusted with numerous board and trustee positions during the years. Some of the roles include Jewish Women’s Giving Circle, Contemporary Jewish Museum, and many other initiatives. Visit this page to learn more.


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